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          1. Internet intelligent hardware production and manufacturing platform

            • 2011
              Company was established in September 2011

            • 100million
              Registered capital 100 million
            • 1000people
              The company has 1000 employees
              Rapid growth year by year
            • 2017
              Passed ISO9001 certification in 2017
              Obtained the national qualification certification system certification
            • 20
              There are 20 large injection molding machines in total
            • 20
              20 automatic SMT production lines

            OTT TV BOX

            IP Camera

            Digital Photo Frame



            Service and support of Aike products

            Acceptance of opinions
            Send email to IK customer service center
            After sales processing time of IK
            Monday to Saturday 8:00-18:00
            Aike online customer service
            Monday to Saturday 8:00-18:00 Online negotiation with customer service center immediately
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